ethical | sustainable | fair trade

Mission Statement


What is our overall goal?

To be a known as a brand renowned for generosity, knowledge sharing, 100% transparency in our brands and products, authenticity, providing a safe, calm and peaceful place to shop centred around mindfulness.

Identifying the goal in our operations:

What kind of product and service do we provide? We stock products that are ethical, high quality aimed at customers who are passionate about buying with intention by providing only products that are created by purpose driven brands

Who are our primary customers or market? A community of women who want to make a change with the way they shop. They are wanting to transform from the impulse buyer who feels pushed by tactical advertising in the fast fashion industry. They are a target of mainstream consumerism not necessarily aware of the ethics and purpose behind the brands they are buying. They want to transform into a customer who is mindful and conscious of the products they are buying, and may not have the time or resources to fully research the details of the brand and product

Where are we physically located?

The Artisan’s Bazaar online studio is located in Ipswich QLD 4300 with our suppliers located across Australia and New Zealand