ethical | sustainable | fair trade


Our story behind The Artisan's Bazaar comes from a desire to step away from mainstream consumerism, while still being able to shop for things we love

We are passionate about living with purpose and intention, and we wanted to take this element of our lives and turn it into a new shopping experience for our community

We believe in keeping it simple. Your shopping experience can be meaningful and buying something you love should make you feel good, not hindered with feelings of overwhelm or guilt

We work hard to research and source exceptional quality items from brands who are aligned with our core values:

  • mindfulness decision making
  • conscious & intentional buying
  • producing ethical & sustainable products
  • eco-friendly and community oriented

We are a transparent business meaning, we tell you who the amazing creators and designers are, and how and where the products are made. Each piece comes with a guarantee it has been made ethically. You should feel comfort in buying any item/s that you fall in love with, knowing it has been a conscious decision. You deserve it! 

We are a family of four from Queensland, Australia. Our home and studio are located in the Greater Springfield area and we would like to acknowledge the Yuggera people who are the traditional custodian's of the land in which our home resides on. 


I love coffee, quality conversations and sitting on the ground digging my feet into the dirt. You will usually find me hanging around the best cafes in Ipswich outstaying my welcome in the attempt to squeeze one more coffee in. I'm the one in the crowd who is insistent on meeting for coffee. It's so peaceful to sit and chat. My two sons aged 7 and 5 are now well known on the cafe scenes, memorising the kids menus and knowing which cafe has the best jenga, chess and dominos on offer. We are a quiet, mindful family, choosing to live each day with intent and severe love for one another x